The innovative aspects of MultiCult


The idea of involving participants as do-developers of their own training was something new in the care sector. We think it is the first time that caregivers have been directly involved in decision making, together with professional trainers, with regard to what should be the contents and methodology in their own course and in future courses for colleagues. As far as we are informed, it is also the first time that caregivers have been writing storyboards and involved themselves as actors as well as recorders of videos for the public, showing challenging situations in care with regard to the multiculturality in this sector


In addition, the use of professional actors in the training (as it was the case in Italy) is innovative for the care sector.


The very close cooperation between working life and education in the overall development and planning of the training was also a new thing for the care sector: Within the framework of this project, the representatives from care organizations and from educational institutions had the opportunity to get much better acquainted with each other strengths and weaknesses. This cooperation was not always easy as work and education represent two different cultures and values. However, it was worth it - not only because the result of this project was training courses that are relevant and usable and thus have a big impact - but also because the lessons learned, will influence on the future cooperation between the two parts. Caregivers as well as the citizens in need of care will benefit from this in the future.


This is innovative!