The process of MultiCul


It is a way to solve some of the constraints for education in the eldercare sector context. For inspiration there will be used teaching material from another sector (Integration sector) adapting it for the healthcare sector. The above mentioned experiences and research will form a base for the development of the first version of teaching material for testing in working environments in four countries, and gaining more experience with the response and efficiency of the care workers the teaching material will in the following versions be based more on the careworkers own experiences and cases. This innovation method relaying in a high degree on the careworkers themselves are chosen because the partnership expects the final version of the teaching material in a high degree to be based on informal training of the careworkers. The partnership also plans to experiment with various teaching processes and different forms of involving ICT in the training course with the purpose to make the training process more flexible and thus more efficient for the careworkers.


Furthermore the project will be complementary to the Leonardo project IENE I+II, which one of the project partners (AWO) have participated in. IENE was more focused on Training of the Trainer, but many of the experiences from that project will be useful for the development of teaching material.